Intensive; to be or not to be

Intensive agriculture uses high levels of complementary inputs such as irrigation, chemical fertilisers and pesticides to achieve maximum yields at the lowest possible cost.

A prize for courage, but which prize is suitable?

Nick’s Constituency outreach office has received a few requests to recommend that I Malala Yusufzai be nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Strasbourg upcoming Plenary


Next week, in the final plenary session of 2012 Mr Griffin will be voting once again on a wide variety of reports, motions and proposals. The list below hopefully details the scope and technical nature of some of subject matter he has to deal with.

Proposal for a directive on recreational craft and personal watercraft


Recently a concerned constituent wrote in about the new draft version of the directive on recreational craft and personal watercraft, upon learning that at a late stage an MEP had made the addition below. 

Fracking updates from last week in Strasbourg

Two votes on the controversial subject of gas fracking were held in Strasbourg last Wednesday afternoon. Nick Griffin, MEP, has consistently opposed this short-term and environmentally reckless form of energy extraction and voted accordingly.

British Agriculture the European Union Way


Launched in 1962, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a system of EU agricultural subsidies and programmes that marks the biggest single budget outlay for the EU.

Update on 2012 Polish independence day marches


11th November is a Polish "Independence Day" - in 11 November 1918 Poland was finally restored after 123 years of partitions. It is the most important of Polish national holidays. On this occasion, every year, Polish nationalists from the National Rebirth of Poland and other groups, organize demonstrations all over the country.

SAVE OUR SEALS - An urgent call to action for Britain`s animal lovers and conservationists


Seals and seabirds all around the coast of Britain face slaughter as innocent scapegoats for the failure of the European Union's Common Fisheries Policy.

British foreign aid to India


Last week's decision by the UK Government to phase out foreign aid to India has been welcomed by Mr Griffin. Even so, as economic times worsen for many poorer working class Britons, the fact that this country still gives away £billions whilst shutting our own schools and hospitals almost defies belief.

Rejecting unfettered free trade

Requests have gone out to European leaders to stand up against corporate lobbying against proposed EU laws requiring oil, gas and mining companies to publish payments to foreign governments.

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