The fight for a common sense fisheries policy


Just prior to the Christmas holidays, Nick Griffin MEP received mail regarding a vote in Brussels to ban discharges of fish in the North sea, introductions of more sensible quotas and allowing fishermen to keep all of their catch, rather than having to throw dead fish back.

More EU Trabantism

Earlier this week in Brussels Mr Griffin helped to stem the seemingly relentless tide of anti-private transport rhetoric flowing from the European Commission.

Nick's latest news

On Wednesday evening in Strasbourg Mr Griffin delivered a stinging attack on the British electoral system and its endemic corruption. He was particularly critical of David Cameron.

Seal Campaign Update


On Wednesday 12th September this year the European Parliament voted through two fisheries-related resolutions which could have a calamitous effect on Britain's seal and seabird population.

Should 16 year old young people get the vote?

Students doing a school GCSE course in Citizenship wrote to Nick Griffin MEP recently. These students have been campaigning for the law to change to allow 16 and 17 year old people to vote.

Intensive; to be or not to be

Intensive agriculture uses high levels of complementary inputs such as irrigation, chemical fertilisers and pesticides to achieve maximum yields at the lowest possible cost.

A prize for courage, but which prize is suitable?

Nick’s Constituency outreach office has received a few requests to recommend that I Malala Yusufzai be nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Strasbourg upcoming Plenary


Next week, in the final plenary session of 2012 Mr Griffin will be voting once again on a wide variety of reports, motions and proposals. The list below hopefully details the scope and technical nature of some of subject matter he has to deal with.

Proposal for a directive on recreational craft and personal watercraft


Recently a concerned constituent wrote in about the new draft version of the directive on recreational craft and personal watercraft, upon learning that at a late stage an MEP had made the addition below. 

Fracking updates from last week in Strasbourg

Two votes on the controversial subject of gas fracking were held in Strasbourg last Wednesday afternoon. Nick Griffin, MEP, has consistently opposed this short-term and environmentally reckless form of energy extraction and voted accordingly.

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