Violence agaisnt women and the green elephant in the room

Nick spoke this week at the Parliament about grooming and violence against women and young girls and the denial surrounding this tragic problem in society.


When we discuss violence against women, there is a desperate attempt to avoid mentioning the giant green elephant in our midst - Islam, whose inherent devaluing of women and hostility to Unbelievers combine to make it the greatest threat to millions of women and girls in many parts of the EU. 

In Britain, the crime of on street grooming for sex, drugs and prostitution is directed against thousands of girls as young as ten. Many of the victims are beaten and threatened as well as gang raped.

While the majority community produce many perpetrators of internet paedophilia and one-on-one sex crimes, paedophile gang rape is a crime in which the perpetrators are overwhelmingly Muslims, while their innocent victims are invariably from other communities.

In my constituency, 14-year-old Charlene Downes was groomed, raped and murdered. Her body has never been found. The case against two Muslim men collapsed on a technicality but, while the police say they are not looking for anyone else, they continue to ignore evidence of jury rigging and to refuse to seek a retrial.

CharleneĀ“s mother and grandmother bravely campaign actively for justice, with the shocking result that both have been repeatedly threatened with arrest for involvement in entirely peaceful protests.

The problem of officialdom turning a blind eye to the inconvenient truth about Islam and sexual violence is thus endemic. I urge those here who are concerned about this issue to face the politically incorrect truth, because denial will not make the problem go away.

Justice for Charlene Downes!



Nick Griffin BNP MEP - The Inconvenient Truth About Islam
4th February 2013

British National Party