The Rightest Sector

Recently Daniel Dyduk, who has represented Polish Nationalists in Britain and who keeps us apprised of the situation in Poland, interviewed the leader of the ‘Rightist Sector’.  


The Rightist Sector is a coalition of radical nationalist organisations who are demonstrating against the Ukrainian government and its militia. Unlike Svoboda, the RS doesn’t want to join the EU, they are anti-American and hold anti-Zionist views. They are now the main militant force operating in Kiev and other cities.

 Nick Griffin stated: "Naturally,  I am very relieved to hear these reassurances that some of the leading figures with the Ukrainian are understanding of the rights of the Polish and Hungarian minorities. It is also reassuring to hear such forthright opposition to the pro-EU/NATO line of those of the protesters under the influence of the US neo-con/Zionist 'coloured revolution' gangs.

 From a distance, it is a little reminiscent of the situation in Poland in tbe run-up to the end of Soviet occupation. The pro-independence movement then included both traditionalist and Christian Polish nationalists and Trotskyites and neo-cons with US backing.  The BNP urges those involved in this struggle to avoid being used by the anti-European agenda of the US and EU globalists in their long war against the peoples of Europe, which of course includes Russia.

 All over our continent, there are tensions and potential flashpoints over old ethnic religious and linguistic divisions, exacerbated by the legacy of the 'Great War' that was launched by the banks and the military-industrial complexes and which led to the second white civil war after a twenty year armistice.

 In the end, nationalists must sit down and negotiate settlements to all these problems because, if we do not, our mutual enemies in the globalist elites will use them to destroy the last chance for the long term survival of the free nations and peoples of Europe. No More Brothers' Wars!"

 The interview has gone viral and has unleashed a fiery debate on the NOP website in Poland.


HERE is the latest joint statement of Jobbik and the ‘National Movement’: Ruch Narodowy and Jobbik Demand Self-Governance for the Indigenous Polish and Hungarian People living in the Ukraine.


Poles shouldn't be afraid of the Ukrainian Revolution – an interview with Dmytro Yarosh, head of the "Right Sector".

 1) Recently we read an article in the Russian "Komsomolskaja Prawda", which has been reprinted and widely commented in the Polish media. It was about you and the Right Sector. They called you a "fuehrer of the radical militants from Maydan." How would you comment that?

I never noticed any personal traits towards tyrany. Regarding such rhetoric in the media, then a lot is said about us now - good, bad, truth and lies.

 2) Aren't you afraid that fearing the radicals like you, Yanukovych may come to terms with the "moderate", liberal opposition, represented by Klychko, Arseniuk and possibly Tiahnybok in order to rule you out?

It's likely that Yanukovych fears not "radicals", but the people as a whole the most, as the people have radicalized and want revolutionary change. Theoretically, a union between the opposition and the Yanukovych regime is possible. But one must remember that Yanukovych is quite straightfoward and stupid, so such a union is highly unlikely. Furthermore, the oppositioners don't want to become political corpses, so they'll try at least a little bit to push for revolutionary change. Otherwise, the people will simply forget once and for all about the oppsition.

 3) Some people in Poland, including nationalists or right-wing groups, tend to support Yanukovych but this seems to be solely motivated by their fears. They fear of the "banderist threat" to the Polish minority which still exists in western Ukraine. Are these fears legitimate? Should the Poles in Ukraine be wary of you?

No. We have a clear methodology on how to treat other minority groups. By the way, it was initiated by Stepan Bandera. Those non-Ukrainians that are struggling with us are treated as if they were our brothers. Those who admit to our right to be masters of our land are treated in a tolerant way. And finally, everyone behaving as an enemy is treated as if they were our enemies too. Concerning Polish people in Ukraine, a lot of them are true Ukrainian patriots. They have successfully integrated into our society and there are no problems for them to live here. But those Poles that have a chauvinist point of view and are involved in anti-Ukrainian movements may be treated as enemies. Let’s admit the following thing: national honor of Polish is sometimes extremely large. It can’t be taken without any reaction. For instance, if a Polish tour guide in Lviv is claiming that the city has to be brought back to Poland they have to be taken to jail or be punished in another way. Simultaneously, if there are some Polish cultural organizations acting in Ukraine and they do not make anti-Ukrainian propaganda everything’s OK with them. Our programme presupposes keeping the national identity of minority groups. To sum it all up, Polish shouldn’t be afraid of the Ukrainian revolution.

4) What do you think is going to happen in the upcoming weeks in terms of the government's policy? Will the Ukrainian authority become more harsh and brutal toward the opposition or do you suspect the opposite? 

Now in Ukraine not only the interests of different Ukrainian political forces have crossed eachother, but the interests of global geopolitical forces have crossed eachother. Many Ukrainians have indeed believed that they need to join Atlantic structures. Many of them are good people, patriots. However, they are far from nationalist thinking. We don't recognize the binaric opposition "West-Russia" and feel that Ukrainians need to go their own parth, avoiding not only Moscow imperialism, but also western Mondialism. Ukraine is a European country, but we understand that the EU is an anti-European creation (you yourselves know this well). We promote our views of the EU to the protestors, but don't force it on them. In our opinion, if we can win against the regime of Yanokovych, then the influence of nationalists in Ukraine will substantially increase and we'll have chances to protect our country from joining the EU and NATO. However, one must also remember that the Yanukovych regime is not anti-atlantic. Today he is selling Ukraine to Moscow. Before this - he sold Ukraine to the west (we should remember how he sold out our shale gas to western corporations). Tomorrow this regime can easily become pro-western again. Yanukovych doesn't care about idealistic geopolitics - he only cares about his own, private interests.

5) Also, many nationalists in Poland (as well as in Europe) who otherwise would be eager to join the Ukrainian revolution remain sceptical and keep distance. This is because since Svoboda has taken a pro-EU stance, they believe that this whole revolution serves the interests of Israeli lobby, EU and NATO. What do you and the others in the Right Sector think about the idea of integrating Ukraine with the EU/NATO? 

Both possibilities are completely possible. We're ready for both possibilities and how we act will depend on the concrete situation. 

 6) During last days, there was an uproar in the Polish mainstream media and biggest internet websites about the Right Sector, thanks to the articles by Ihor Zahrebelny which had been posted on our website. Now they attract the attention of thousands. Do you have any special message to the Polish nationalists and all other Poles who are now interested in what's going on in Ukraine?

I'd like to wish Polish nationalists success in the fight. I'd like to believe we are on the same side of the barricades, that together we are bringing the resurrection of Europe closer. Poland is a relatively conservative country. I'd like Poland to remain that way in the future. Over time, peoples of central and eastern Europe should be able to unite, consolidating their effors, so as not to sink in the decedence of demoliberalism. I'd like to wish all Poles to stay Christians and strong patriots. The main thing is patriotism never became chauvinism. I believe our Lord will bless you and your fight.

Thank you very much for your answers.

Daniel Dyduk, Wojciech Trojanowski, Zbigniew Lignarski – editors


Speaking of the NOP:

NOP Division England – actions in London

In January 2014, the National Rebirth of Poland activists were busy promoting their ideals to the common Polish people who live in Great Britain. This time, they were focused especially on the Ealing district, where the Polish Roman Catholic Church of our Lady Mother is located. Thousands of leaflets were distributed and the new contacts with the locals have been made.


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