Paying for cruel animal practices in the name of culture

According to a recent letter asking for Nick Griffin, MEP’s support in defending animals against cruel practices, the European Union spends £37 million a year directly subsidising blood fiestas like the Toro de la Vega, along with similar sports such as bullfighting.

The EU also pours money into the towns which host these events, and is now renovating dilapidated bullrings. This letter brings our attention, as well, to MEPs who are campaigning to see that bullfighting and other blood fiestas are officially recognised as part of the cultural heritage of Europe.

Finally, this constituent states that cruelty towards animals in for form of entertainment does not belong in this country and asks for an end to all subsidies. 
Here are a few facts about these so called 'fiestas'.  Northern European taxpayers, in addition to paying for blood fiestas, are also paying for fiestas which involve cruelty to cows, goats, chickens and geese.

As many as 15,000 towns and villages sacrifice animals as an integral part of their fiestas.

This is not seen by tourists or the media.  Some of these practices include hanging chicken by their feet  on washing lines while towns people ride underneath them and pull their heads off (for prizes).  Or, by placing chickens in boxes with only their heads showing.  The goal of this one is for men and boys to chop off as many heads as possible while blindfolded.   Fun and games.  As a part of another fiesta,  birds are sealed inside clay pots and stoned to death.

These 'games' are banned in theory, but they are common throughout Spain, because the animal welfare laws there have an exemption. These poor creatures may be mistreated if it is necessary for the "smooth running of a fiesta."

Nick’s Constituency Outreach Officer replied on his behalf to this plea:
Thank you for your email regarding Spanish blood fiestas and bullfighting.  
Whilst it is the right of the Spanish people and their elected representatives to support their cultural traditions in whatever way they deem appropriate, it is not acceptable for the European Union to use British taxpayers' money to fund activities that the majority of the British public consider to be barbaric. Mr Griffin will, therefore, oppose EU funding initiatives which support and promote Spanish blood fiestas and bullfighting.
This example of the unacceptable disposal of British taxpayers' money illustrates why it is so important for national governments to run their own affairs. It is impractical for the very differing national interests of the EU's 27 Member States to be subsumed within the monolithic bureaucracy that the European Union has developed into, and such a structure cannot possibly reflect the best interests of individual nation states and their citizens. British Members of the European Parliament - representing British interests - account for just 73 out of a total of 754 MEPs, so in many cases, the European parliamentary procedure produces a negative outcome for Britain. 
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Nick Griffin believes that decisions on policy matters in economic, social and political spheres should be made by the British Government, with reference primarily to the best interests of Britain and the British people.

In order to maintain our national sovereignty and protect our right to determine our own destiny, Britain must leave the European Union as soon as possible. To achieve this end, he is calling for a referendum on leaving the EU. Further details of the 'EU Referendum Now' campaign and the on-line petition are available HERE.  

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