Office & Staffing


Simon Darby is a political researcher with a Bsc (Hons) in Biology & Chemistry.

He is a former Dudley British National Party councillor and long time nationalist.

A keen angler and ornithologist, Simon regularly accompanies both MEPs to Brussels and Strasbourg.



Adam Walker is a qualified teacher and has taught in both Britain and Japan. He speaks Japanese and has managed his own martial arts academy since 1999.

A political researcher, he recently represented both British National Party MEPs at a conference of nationalist political parties from across the globe in Tokyo.

Adam is a constituency caseworker, and was in the past, the EU staff manager.



Patrick Harrington is a political researcher with a BA Hons in Philosophy and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (FE). He has a strong interest in Law and Human Rights.  Patrick is currently studying LLM, Employment Rights Law.  His duties involve research of the Human Rights committee and advising Nick Griffin on voting decisions.

Pat Harrington is now currently acting as Nick Griffin's staff manager for the european staff.


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