Nick confronts Sky News on global warming

Nick Griffin MEP, recent wrote to Sky News to discuss global warming and their reporting tactics to push the climate change agenda.


Dear Sirs

I wrote to you in early December to draw your attention to the use on SkyNews trailers of a piece of footage about the melting of the Himalayan glaciers supposedly being evidence of global warming. I pointed out that heavy snowfall over the last three winters has now completely reversed the region´s glacial retreats of the previous few years (Times of India 3/12/12) and asked that you take action to cease misinforming your viewers.

To date I have not received any form of acknowledgement or reply. I would appreciate your response on this matter. With Climate Change Act targets now costing British taxpayers a staggering £18 Billion a year, the continuation of the political elite´s man-made global warming hoax is not a victimless crime. Sky should be reporting the facts, not aiding and abetting the most costly fantasy in human history.

Yours faithfully

Nick Griffin MEP

British National Party