New Mosque will Change the Face of Blackpool

A new mosque will change the established community in Blackpool's South Shore for all time. That is the opinion of 3,000 local residents who have signed a petition protesting against the Council giving its stamp of approval to the Noor A Madina mosque in Waterloo Road that has been said to have been operating illegally. 

The mosque owners have applied for retrospective planning permission, to change the use of a takeaway and five other adjacent properties to a place of Muslim worship.  


Nick Griffin MEP has been contacted by a number of residents following a meeting of over 100 people opposed to the mosque.  Responding to their appeal for assistance Nick said:

"I believe that it is imperative that the building of new mosques is halted in order to prevent Britain being further colonised by Islamists.  It is in the power of the residents of South Shore to stop this one by lobbying Blackpool Council to refuse this planning application." 


In a letter to residents, Nick's Constituency Office explains how to voice their opposition:

"It is highly likely that the Council will approve the mosque’s planning application unless the opposition campaign is of sufficient strength to ensure that they have no choice but to listen to the will of local residents.

It is important, therefore, that as many people as possible make their objections known to Blackpool Council. 

Anyone can send in their views about a current planning application via Blackpool Council’s on-line planning application pages.”


To voice your opinion on this matter:


Go to   -  In the Search Box, enter the mosque application reference number, which is 11/0593, click on 'Search' and the planning summary page will appear.


If you click on the 'Comments' link at the top of the summary you can view all the comments submitted.  To submit your views, click on the 'Make a Public Comment' link to the right of the line above 'Comments'.

Complete the form and submit your comments. 


Alternatively, you can email the Planning Office HERE or write to: Blackpool Council, Customer First Centre, Municipal Building, Corporation Street, Blackpool FY1 1NF. Telephone enquiries: 01253 477477.


The Constituency Office also commented, “This correspondence will be taken into consideration by the Council when determining the application so please encourage your family and friends to also make their objections known. The Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985 allows your written views to be seen by other members of the public and the applicant.


As the campaign to stop the mosque gets underway, Nick Griffin's Constituency Office warned that campaigners should not assume this will be a fair or balanced process. Residents who voice their opposition to the mosque may be branded as 'racist' even if their complaint just concerns the traffic congestion around the venue during Friday prayers.


One of the local ward councillors representing residents on the Council is Labour's David Owen, who is also, Head of Planning at Blackpool Council. He made his position clear recently when he responded to residents’ concerns about the legality of the mosque by stating that it was not operating illegally - even though no planning application had been approved.


The local media is promoting this mosque as a benefit to everyone in the community. Non-Muslim residents living in the areas where thousands of Mosques have already been granted planning permission know only too well, however, that this rhetoric does not translate into reality.  While 'non-believers' may be excluded from mosques, significant numbers of Muslims move into the area to be close to their place of worship, changing the dynamics of the local community. 

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