The EU's secret ballots regarding budget cuts

Mail to the constituency mailbox recently congratulated Cameron on his success during the EU budget meeting in bringing the overall EU budget down.  However it went on to describe how the European Parliament’s President was organising a secret ballot to veto the budget cuts.

The letter from this constituent discussed this secret ballot, "Martin Shulz, the German president of the parliament, is organising a secret ballot among MEPs in March where they could seek to veto the budget without being identified by voters or their home governments."   He urged Mr Griffin and other MEPs to resist this "secret" ballot, stating that the EU suffers from a democratic deficit as it is, and to vote against any effort to prevent the budget cuts from becoming a reality.

Furthermore, he indicated that he understood that “the UK's contribution (despite the potential budget cut) could "rise by £500 million as the share of the budget going to newer member countries, such as Poland and Romania that joined the EU after 2004, increases."

If correct, this is absolutely scandalous considering at home we making such deep cuts in our own public services and our economy is in such difficulty.

Nick’s Constituency Outreach Officer responded with the following:

Mr Griffin would like to “thank you for your very well-phrased email”.  Responding directly Mr. Griffin offered the following statement;
Yes, it is true that despite the welcome budget cut, Britain's contribution will indeed increase. To my mind, persuading an armed robber who enters your train carriage to take less than demanded of your fellow passengers, but handing him more from your own wallet, is a strange kind of victory.

I will certainly argue and vote against the secret vote proposal and against any attempt to veto or limit the cuts”.

In Nick Griffin’s view, the very nature of the institution makes it a resource magnet. The EU has an insatiable need for ever increasing funding from its member states to keep its bureaucratic machinery turning and to continue its stealthy expansion. In addition to the direct costs of Britain’s membership, the indirect costs of unnecessary and over-burdensome EU regulation place a burden of £billions on British business and the beleaguered taxpayer.

Britain is bound inextricably by European Union policies and, as a consequence of this subservience; decisions made by our national parliament can be undermined, contradicted or rendered irrelevant.

As a British National Party MEP, Nick Griffin believes that policy decisions on economic, social and political matters should be made by the British Government, with reference primarily to the best interests of the British people. The £billions of taxpayers’ money gifted annually to the European Union should be spent instead on Britain’s public services and initiatives which benefit the domestic economy.

In order to maintain our national sovereignty and protect our right to determine our own destiny, Britain must withdraw from the European Union as soon as possible. To achieve this end, Nick Griffin MEP launched a campaign in June 2011 calling for a referendum on leaving the EU. Further details of the campaign and the on-line petition are available HERE

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