Tackling sharia councils

Nick Griffin, MEP, today praised his fellow Local MEP Paul Nuttall who has spoken out in support of Baroness Cox, who has a Private Members Bill in Parliament aimed at tackling Sharia councils. 

Portugal forced to make more welfare cuts

Pedro Passos Coelho, Portugal's prime minister, said Sunday that the government would have to make more big cuts in spending on health, education and social security to keep the country's €78bn bailout programme on track after the constitutional court rejected austerity measures considered essential to meet mandatory deficit targets.

Loot, pollute and scoot!

Toxic and radioactive water pollution. Tap water you can set on fire. Earthquakes. Runaway climate change. To produce expensive gas that will soon run out. So why are we doing it?

Cyprus pressured by EU Troika

The Parliament of Cyprus should be congratulated for reflecting the will of the people and rejecting the demands for cuts and austerity measures from EU-led financiers.

Illegal Immigrants are free to abscond and riot under EU Law

Two recent judgments in Italy and Greece have found detainees innocent of the charges that were brought against them by the local authorities following escape from one migration detention centre and rioting in another. Courts ruled that the actions of detained migrants in opposing their detention conditions were legitimate.

Will EU bureaucrats kill artificial cigarettes off?


Government plans on licensing electronic cigarettes have been delayed even further amid fears for the future of the embryonic industry in Britain. Worryingly the European Union is also proposing a regulation requiring devices containing more than 4mg of nicotine to be regulated as a medicinal product.  

Baroness Thatcher - 1925 to 2013

Baroness Thatcher has died aged 87 following a stroke, she had suffered poor health for several years, although it has been reported that she died peacefully.

Changes proposed to the state pension system leave many frustrated

The Government announced recently changes to the state pension due to take effect in 2017 which aims to be far simpler by doing away with complex means testing and earnings related top up payments. This has left many people who have paid into the pension systems concerned that they will lose benefits. 

Welcome to the Stone Age!

The EU´s 2050 Energy Roadmap proposes cuts in carbon emissions of 80-90%.  Nick Griffin MEP gave a speech this week at the European Parliament to discuss the Energy Roadmap.  

In the event of an emergency...

After the meteors that hit Russia recently, a constituent wrote in asking about what plans exist in the event that this type of event was to happen to this part of Europe.

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