Lampedusa update: Feeble EU response as Libya adds to the turmoil


28TH FEBRUARY 2011: As illegal North African immigrants continue to flood ashore on the Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa, the Italian authorities are becoming increasingly desperate.

Shambolic Belgium typifies EU


23RD FEBRUARY 2011: Brussels has just shown why it is so eminently suitable to house the headquarters of the European Union. The city is itself the capital of the artificial state known as 'Belgium' which is resented by most of its citizens, and has a bureaucratic nightmare of a constitution that doesn’t even work.

See Me, Save Me Campaign


21ST FEBRUARY 2011: THERE were more than thirty requests received at the Constituency Office asking Nick to sign Written Declaration 81, which sought to get all HGVs fitted with censors and cameras to remove their blind spot.

EU membership betrays the martyrs of the 1916 Rising


18TH FEBRUARY 2011: Our Irish neighbours are rueing the day they joined the Common Market.

Croats could choose to keep their freedom


17TH FEBRUARY 2011: The European Union enlargement Pac-man, which has been gobbling up nation after nation over the past 40 years, may be about to choke on his latest morsel.

Born Free Report: "Europe's Forgotten Zoos"


24TH FEBRUARY 2011: Born Free is a charity striving to improve the lives of millions of captive animals around the world.

Prisoner Votes: Dictating to a democracy


22ND FEBRUARY 2011: The unelected president of the European Court of Human Rights, Frenchman Jean-Paul Costa, has threatened Britain with 'disaster' if the elected British Government abides by the vote of the elected British Parliament to disobey the orders of the unelected court to give the vote in British elections to convicted murderers and rapists in British jails.

Constituency week under way in Cumbria


19TH FEBRUARY 2011: Nick Griffin has kicked off his big constituency week in the North West with a press release to 750 media outlets and a letter to the editor of the Liverpool Post and Echo.

US lesson for EU on a Single Currency


18TH FEBRUARY 2011: Whilst the euro is in deep trouble, another continent-wide single currency, the US dollar, is facing its own possible breakup.

Brits to pay higher taxes to save the Euro


17TH FEBRUARY 2011: IN a desperate bid to prop up the Euro, Eurozone finance ministers have agreed an even bigger bail-out fund.

British National Party