Scottish Parliament is not allowed to help its own students


2ND MARCH 2011: Efforts of the Scottish Parliament to help Scottish students with the cost of a university education have been scuppered by new European Union legislation.

Coastguard welcomes MEP's stance on Crosby


1ST MARCH 2011: Despite the ban by the Liverpool Echo & Post on an advert from Nick Griffin voicing his support for the coastguard station at Crosby, the MEP's stance on the issue has been widely publicised.

Cameron mislead the public over power of European Court


1ST MARCH 2011: TOP legal experts have given the lie to Prime Minister David Cameron’s weak excuse that he has to put the dictates of the unelected European Court of Human Rights ahead of a vote of our elected MP’s in our democratic Parliament and give convicted murderers, rapists and paedophiles in our prisons the vote.

Border clashes between Thailand and Cambodia


28TH FEBRUARY 2011: ON the final day of the last Plenary session in Strasbourg, there was a debate and several motions concerning the recent border clashes between Thailand and Cambodia which began on 4 February.

Shambolic Belgium typifies EU


23RD FEBRUARY 2011: Brussels has just shown why it is so eminently suitable to house the headquarters of the European Union. The city is itself the capital of the artificial state known as 'Belgium' which is resented by most of its citizens, and has a bureaucratic nightmare of a constitution that doesn’t even work.

EU tells Britain to prepare for North African immigrant surge


1st MARCH 2011: As over a million immigrants prepare to take advantage of the current chaos along the North African coastline to swarm into Europe, the EU has been asked to make sure we get our share.

Website carries Nick's statement on coastguard station


1ST MARCH 2011: A popular website campaigning to keep the coastguard station at Crosby in Liverpool has carried a supportive statement from Nick Griffin MEP.

Lampedusa update: Feeble EU response as Libya adds to the turmoil


28TH FEBRUARY 2011: As illegal North African immigrants continue to flood ashore on the Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa, the Italian authorities are becoming increasingly desperate.

Born Free Report: "Europe's Forgotten Zoos"


24TH FEBRUARY 2011: Born Free is a charity striving to improve the lives of millions of captive animals around the world.

Prisoner Votes: Dictating to a democracy


22ND FEBRUARY 2011: The unelected president of the European Court of Human Rights, Frenchman Jean-Paul Costa, has threatened Britain with 'disaster' if the elected British Government abides by the vote of the elected British Parliament to disobey the orders of the unelected court to give the vote in British elections to convicted murderers and rapists in British jails.

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