Nick Griffin highlights the staggering double standards in play in his latest speech

European Parliament Strasbourg on the 23rd of October 2013, Nick Griffin MEP highlighted the staggering double standards in play upsetting a few hard-left bigots in the process 

National Rebirth of Poland - English Division in offensive

NOP and BNP in london

After the successful BNP conference that was held in Blackpool and in which two representatives of the NOP took part as guests and speakers, the Polish party began promoting itself in the UK.

A halal taste of the past, future and possibly terror

Halal meat is significant to non-Muslim westerners in a number of ways. It is in a sense, ‘Food Jihad.’ 

The Quilliam Foundation, another political pawn

Yesterday Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll, leaders of the EDL held a press conference stating that they were leaving the EDL and taking a new path in their fight against extremism.  They were accompanied by the Quilliam Foundation at the press conference.

Update on the EU's proposed revisions to Tobacco Products Directive

Nick Griffin, MEP, has received hundreds of emails regarding opposition to the EU's proposed revisions to the Tobacco Products Directive, and the mail continues to pour in on this topic.

MEPs vote for mandatory EIA for fracking

All shale oil and gas extraction projects will have to complete an environmental impact assessment (EIA), under proposed amendments to the planned new EIA Directive.

EU to introduce MOT for Caravans

Recently Nick has received a great deal of correspondence about the EU’s proposal to introduce MOT for Caravans. The EU proposes to introduce MOT style tests for caravans and those weighing more than 750kg would be required to undergo regular checks.

Alarm bells over the privitisation of the Royal Mail

Nick Griffin MEP’s Constituency office has received a vast amount of mail regarding the privitisation of the Royal Mail and his outreach office has responded to this outpouring of concern.

Fracking company withdraws from site near Blackpool

Nick Griffin, MEP, has welcomed the news that a fracking company has withdrawn from a shale gas site near Blackpool. The site experienced a series of earth tremors that led to a moratorium on the controversial technology.

The Truthseeker

It is a great injustice to the British people that the media in this country consistently fail to bring us factual news reports.  We were always taught in school that you should examine both sides of an argument and then make an informed decision.

British National Party