The fight to define marriage

Shortly, the European Parliament is expected to debate and vote on a report by Austrian MEP Ulrike Lunacek who is co-president of the European Parliament homosexual rights group. Nick Griffin MEP is receiving a large amount of mail regarding this report.

A lesser man would have quit long ago

A recent email from one of the brave men who serve our nation is quoted below, an articulate email which made some very good points worth considering. 

No political significance to bankruptcy of Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin was declared bankrupt yesterday in the Welshpool County Court for a period of twelve months.  The bankruptcy petition was presented for judgment by his former Solicitors.

Nick Griffin responds to the Arsenis report

Many concerned constituents have written in urging a vote on the Arsenis report to support amendments that will stop the destructive trawling of the sea bed below 600 metres.

EU ramifications on ordinary gardners with seed legislation

Nick Griffin MEP has been receiving mail lately on the proposed new EU legislation for the enforced registration of seed varieties.  The European Commission is currently drawing up a new law to regulate the sale of all seeds, plants and plant material.   The latest draft of the law is more restrictive than current regulations. 

Shame on you PM Samaras

Nick Griffin shocks the Prime Minister of Greece shaming him concerning his subversion of the democratic process and the disgraceful attempt to ban popular opposition party, Golden Dawn.

Nick stands by persecuted Golden Dawn

In a visit to Athens Nick Griffin, MEP has extended his support to the persecuted political group Golden Dawn.

The Wahhabi Jihad


“This Wahhabi version of Sunni Islam… is a huge threat to Britain and the British people because it’s popular and very well-funded… particularly by the Saudi Arabians. Where do we go from here? First of all stop winding up real hard liners to recruit… by getting out of their countries and stop interfering."

Richmond Day of Action


Activists visited the North Yorkshire town of Richmond recently to hand out ‘Save Our Seals’ leaflets.

Athens: 50 000 nationalists against the System


During a large demo in Athens, recently, one of the Golden Dawn's MPs mentioned the joint statement of NOP and BNP from the recent meeting in Blackpool.

British National Party