Nick Griffin MEP's recent speechs on Syria and Korea

 The plight of minorities and refugees in Syria is indeed terrible. But who have they fled from?

The EU's shameless war-mongering and expansionism

Nick gave Labour's Baroness Ashton both barrels over the EU's shameless warmongering and expansionism. She doesn't like this ruthless dissection of the shambles that is UK/EU foreign policy one little bit and has probably never been exposed to such a high concentration of home truths in her life.

Huge Hit in Mr Griffins Patch


Adam Walker along with other activists have been busy again in the North West helping to promote the great work of our Party Chairman in his role as MEP for the area.

The biggest genocide in human history

North West England MEP and British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin tells the truth on immigration sparking huge row with Portuguese Socialist MEP during debate on Asylum

Malta is selling EU citizenship

Malta’s decision to sell passports, thus European citizenship, for €650,000 to non-EU residents, without any prerequisite - not even residence in Malta, has angered MEPs, who debated the issue last month.

Watch out – warmongers about!

As they beat the drums of war, o you really want a re-run of 1914? Do you want to see your son, brother, boyfriend, grandson or husband sent off to die in someone else’s war and to help the international banksters’ put off the collapse of their rotten debt system for a few more years? 

Labeling for GMO contaminated honey

An EU Parliament Food Safety press release recently introduced the issue of GM Pollen and honey. Honey naturally includes traces of pollen. But if Genetically Modified (GM) pollen makes up more than 0.9% of the honey this must be stated on the label. 

EU interference and the Fourth Railway Package

Nick Griffin, MEP, is voting against the Fourth Railway Package in the European Parliament and in favour of any amendment that restricts it.

A common fight continues

Two Golden Dawn MPs were placed in pre-trial detention in Athens in an on-going crackdown against the Greek far right group last month. 

The Rightest Sector

Recently Daniel Dyduk, who has represented Polish Nationalists in Britain and who keeps us apprised of the situation in Poland, interviewed the leader of the ‘Rightist Sector’.  

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