A personal post-election message from Nick Griffin

A personal post-election message from Nick Griffin  

Nick Griffin EU Attendance Twice That of Nigel Farage

During a normal Westminster national election a major part of the coverage is holding parties and MP’s to account for the decisions they have made and their voting patterns throughout the term of parliament.  

Canned hunting of lions

Lions in Africa have declined in numbers from 200,000 in the 1960′s to less than 25,000 currently. Such declines are influenced by various factors such as habitat loss, diseases and conflicts with humans or livestock. 

Watch out – warmongers about!

As they beat the drums of war, o you really want a re-run of 1914? Do you want to see your son, brother, boyfriend, grandson or husband sent off to die in someone else’s war and to help the international banksters’ put off the collapse of their rotten debt system for a few more years? 

Labeling for GMO contaminated honey

An EU Parliament Food Safety press release recently introduced the issue of GM Pollen and honey. Honey naturally includes traces of pollen. But if Genetically Modified (GM) pollen makes up more than 0.9% of the honey this must be stated on the label. 

The European Union must be destroyed, not reformed

On the 25th of May, again, we will be dragged to the ballot-boxes, to legitimize the existence of the European Union by our very presence.

Recent campaigns

Some members of staff for Nick Griffin have been working hard in the North West to increase voter turnout for the upcoming European elections and to help build support for two of the his campaigns; Save Our Seals and the very popular Referendum Now. 

Nick Griffin MEP's recent speechs on Syria and Korea

 The plight of minorities and refugees in Syria is indeed terrible. But who have they fled from?

The EU's shameless war-mongering and expansionism

Nick gave Labour's Baroness Ashton both barrels over the EU's shameless warmongering and expansionism. She doesn't like this ruthless dissection of the shambles that is UK/EU foreign policy one little bit and has probably never been exposed to such a high concentration of home truths in her life.

Huge Hit in Mr Griffins Patch

Adam Walker along with other activists have been busy again in the North West helping to promote the great work of our Party Chairman in his role as MEP for the area.

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